Member – Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) Designated engineer responsible for the certificate of authorization granted to

J. M. Davis and Associates Ltd. (JMD).


Since 1994 J. M. Davis and Associates Limited

President Head the engineering firm of J. M. Davis and Associates Limited (JMD). Projects include environmental management, Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), member of a Risk Assessment team, review and monitoring of other consultants, reports and work, submission of Record of Site Conditions, remediation plans/monitoring, and management. Qualified person RSC under O. Reg. 153 and 511.

Since 2001 An Associate with Abacon Environmental Consultants Inc.

Investigation, remediation planning, clean-up monitoring and backfill assessment school development/redevelopment sites. Investigated in-situ USTs, oil interceptors, automotive repair pits in several schools. Provided monitoring of the removal of several USTs and monitoring of contaminated soil removal. Investigation and clean-up monitoring of a suspected fuel spill at a school construction site.

1988-1993 Egmond Geospheric Associates Ltd. (Associate since 1993)

Project Manager Provided, through the firm, consulting engineering services. Areas of expertise included geotechnical, environmental, materials and water quality. Responsible for management of projects from proposal through final report stages. Managed juniors and contractors.

Conducted engineering analysis and provided recommendations on soil bearing capacity, soil permeability, slope stability, water aquifer capacity, and pollutant extent problems.

Conducted over 80 subsurface investigations. Collected, identified and catalogued soil, material or water samples to a protocol required by the application. Responsible for managing and supervising contractors. Trained juniors.

Conducted more than 50 environmental site assessments (ESAs) ranging from site walkover to extensive surface and subsurface study. ESAs included conducting such historical searches as determining the ownership chain, reviewing past tenants, reviewing aerial photographs, interviewing persons familiar with the site.

Project Engineer on several quality assurance inspections on geotechnical or environmental projects. Acceptance or rejection was determined by testing, personal experience and judgment. Work included soil compaction, material compliance, sampling and testing. Monitored fill placement at several sites. Participated in several water well pump tests. Monitored subsurface fuel spill cleanup for several sites. Some safety concerns were addressed and recommendations given. Made recommendations to improve construction methodology.

Continue to associate on selected projects.


1983 Bachelor of Science, B.Sc.(Eng)., University of Guelph, Ontario


2001 Windows and Curtain Wall Systems, University of Toronto 1994 Environmental Legislation and Auditing, University of Toronto 1993 Environmental Contaminants: Fate Mechanisms, University of Guelph 1992 Foundations and Earthworks, University of Toronto 1983 Management Accounting, University of Guelph


2003-2006 Councillor – Town of Halton Hills 1997-2000 Commissioner – Halton Hills Hydro-Electric Commission


Since 2007 Niagara Escarpment Views (Formerly Escarpment Views)

Co-Publisher Niagara Escarpment Views magazine. Also undertake Accounts Manager and Principal Photographer roles. Niagara Escarpment Views is a regional magazine the “Reflects the lifestyles and values of people living along the Niagara Escarpment.” www.neviews.ca


Until 2012 Board member - TD Canada Trust Friends of the Environment, local Halton North Chapter.

CONTACT INFORMATION Address: J. M. Davis and Associates Limited

50 Ann Street Georgetown, ON L7G 2V2 Attention: J. M. (Mike) Davis, P. Eng.

Phone: 905 877-9665 (Fax available, phone prior to sending) Web: www.jmdavis.ca mike@jmdavis.ca